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[Kajabi Feature] Offers vs. Products ... Let's Clear Up Something Important

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Let's talk about 2 Kajabi features that cause some confusion: Products vs. Offers. What's included in each one and how many do you get of each? How are they used in Kajabi?


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A Definition of Kajabi Products and Offers

No one can explain the basics better than Kajabi themselves so please check out these Kajabi help files to gain a basic understanding. Then come back and we'll talk more :)

Products Overview & Creating Products in Kajabi

Offers Overview & Creating Offers


How Many Products and Offers Do You Get?

All Kajabi plans come with unlimited Offers so you can go to town with those! As for number of Products, if you take a look at Kajabi's pricing chart, you can see that the Basic plan comes with 3 Products, Growth has 15, and Pro has 100!

Kajabi does a great job outlining their features here but, let's face it, it's almost impossible to summarize all the intricacies of an all-in-one online platform into a succinct pricing chart.

If you put too much information, people get confused or lose interest and just click away from the site. But if you keep it brief, that can lead to misunderstandings. For instance, I often hear that one reason people hesitate or put off joining Kajabi is because the Basic level "only includes 3 products, I have way more than that, and I'm not able to pay for Growth yet."


But but but ... It's All a Misunderstanding

For instance, you might have 2 courses, 3 coaching packages, an ebook, and are considering packaging some of those things up into a membership. That's 7 things so you may think you need to wait until you can afford to sign up under the Growth option, which has 15 Products. 

However, that's a BIG misunderstanding so I want to clear the air (it's good news, I promise!).

One only needs to use Products for courses but NOT necessarily for coaching services and certainly not for ebooks, freebies, or even memberships. Those things can all be sold via Offers! 


When Products Should and Shouldn't Be Used

You only must use a Product when you need to house and organize information, such as a course, in one place with a home base. But selling an ebook, for example, only requires an Offer, i.e., a way to link up a sales page, a checkout, and a way to get the ebook to your customer. This could be with a thank you page or via email but, again, only requires the use of an Offer not of a Product.

Similarly, you can deliver coaching services via an Offer using a sales page and checkout. Then perhaps the thank you page and/or thank you email contain your Acuity/Calendly scheduling link, details about the coaching package, links to landing pages with videos you'd like them to watch, and maybe links to DocuSign, Dubsado, or wherever your contract is. Unless you have a TON of static content that needs to be put in a "course" format, there's no reason to use a Product for a coaching package. 


In Kajabi, You Don't Need a Lot of Products to Start Out

Everyone's business model is different and I certainly can't predict how exactly YOURS is laid out. Maybe you're the unique case that does require more than 3 Products to get started in Kajabi. 

But most people don't. Yet because of a confusion in terms between "Products" and "Offers," you might be putting off your Kajabi sign-up when you truly don't need to. So I just wanted to clear up the difference between the two so you can make the best decision for your business!